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What is a lattice girder?

According to Wikipedia: A lattice girder is a girder where the flanges are connected by a lattice web. This type of design has been supplanted in modern construction with welded or bolted plate girders, which use more material but have lower fabrication costs. The lattice girder was used prior to the development of larger rolled steel plates. The term is also sometimes used to refer to a structural member commonly made using a combination of structural sections connected with diagonal lacing. This member is more correctly referred to as a laced strut or laced tie, as it normally resists axial compression (strut) or axial tension (tie); the lattice girder, like any girder, primarily resists bending.

According to Badische Drahtwerke, the largest producer of lattice girders:
Lattice girders are industrially prefabricated reinforcement elements according to licence and they are manufactured from plain, profiled or ribbed steel bars according to DIN 488*. They consist of a top bar (OG), diagonals (Diag) and bottom bar (UG). The individual elements are connected with each other by means of resistance spot welding.