about us

Latticegirder.info is an initiative to promote the application of lattice girders, often called as truss girders or to put it simply girders.

Its mission is to stimulate the business for small and medium sized companies which are or will be engaged in the girder business. Further to support transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in manufacturing and marketing of lattice girders and precast concrete elements.

Given this scenario, Latticegirder.info’s role is to create a link between these entities so as to enhance the level of support provided. In doing so, Latticegirder.info acts as a hub, multiplier and disseminator of knowledge, a facilitator for alliances, a promoter of networking and a catalyser to encourage North-South and West-East international cooperation and dialogue.

Lattice girders are industrially prefabricated reinforcement elements and they are manufactured from plain, profiled or ribbed steel bars. Lattice girders are widely used in the construction of buildings in prefabricated concrete elements, like floors and walls.