Used lattice girder welding lines from GMS for a global market

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A top level machine is an EVG TSD 7-30.  This is a high performant truss girder welding line, which offers a production rate of up to 33 Meters/min of welded and cut in length truss girders.

As the usual EVG TS truss girder machines operates in the range of 15-18 Meters per Minute, the sayed machine has a production capacity which is 50% higher.

The EVG TSD 7-30 is a doublepas machine, which is characterized by the ability to push the truss 40 cm forwards at each step. Through each cycle the machine can weld two wire stirrups  at one time. The working range of truss heights is between 70 and 300 mms.

Such machines are equipped with an automatic lattice girder stacking system, which put 50 or 100 pieces together in one bundle, which are then delivered to the customer. The machine is feed with wire diameters from 4 to 14 mms, wire quality is B500A according to European standards.

Mesh welding lines

Besides trading of used lattice girder machines GMS mechatronics GmbH also offers used mesh welding lines and provides installation, set-up and maintenance services. In another division GMS offers design and engineering services for steel reinforcing producers and precast concrete elements manufacturers.

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