A leader in manufacturing metal deck plates

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Metal Deck Speed Deck-250

Metal Deck Speed Deck-250

Duckshin Housing Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing and construction architectural deck plates only ever since its foundation in 1980. Commitment to development of newer and later products and aggressive expansion of the internationally patented production facility as well as proactive administrative strategies and devotion of the employees have led Duckshin Housing to top of its field of deck plates in Korea. In particular, Speed Decks and Housing Decks that were born by consolidating the steel plate decks and iron-wired trusses have become the hit in the market over a short time as their superior quality. Performance, and safety have been recognized by customers. Duckshin Housing continued to excel in its field, even during the massive Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s : it recorded sales revenue of 10.1 billion Korean won in 2002; 20.7 billion won in 2003; 31.2 billion won in 2004; and 42 billion won in 2005. Based upon this remarkable growth rate of 70% over the last three years, Duckshin Housing is now consolidating its ground to take a leap forward becoming the best and the strongest in its field by increasing its sales to 60 billion won in 2006 and 72 billion won in 2007, with its shares being listed on the KOSDAQ. Duckshin Housing wants to remain as the cornerstone of creating genuine and memorable architectural work based upon its company philosophy evolving around trust and quality. Duckshin Housing wants to redeem the infinite amount of trust its customers have entrusted with it by devoting further to developing new decks and innovating quality.

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