Whatever became of Kaiser-Omnia?

Nov 15th, 2010 | By | Category: general, lattice girder business


Kaiser-Omnia, a very important lattice girder system, acquired its name from the two companies Kaiser-Decken GmbH in Frankfurt/Main and Rheinbau GmbH in Wiesbaden, which developed practical building solutions during the 50 s- among others, a multitude of lattice girders and components under the trade names Kaiser and Omnia. Approximately 400 prefabricated concrete factories in Germany were supplied at that time by both companies with their products. In 1976, both companies merged into the joint company Kaiser-Omnia Bausysteme, Frankfurt/Main, with approximately 650 employees. After a somewhat hectic time during the years 1983/84, the Kaiser-Omnia Program was taken over in 1985 by the Badische Drahtwerke GmbH (BDW) in Kehl, which has continued to write very successfully the success story of Kaiser-Omnia lattice girder with other and new developments. Today all marketing activities are united in best gmbh marketing services, Friedrichstr. 16, 69412 Eberbach

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