Fully automated production cell for tunnel lattice girders from GMS

    GMS mechatronics from Austria has developed a fully automated solution to manufacture tunnel lattice girders As the labor costs for the production of tunnel girders dominates the cost structure, the newly designed production cell from GMS enables manufacturers of tunnel girders to cut costs immediately by 50%. Tunnel girders show a lot of different shapes […]

    About Franz Filzmoser

    It was 1962 when I was 8 years old and watched my father designing the first lattice girder machine. A year later it was running and it produced the first girders with endless diagonals. (see also history).

    I grew up in this sorrounding in Austria and new ideas and innovation was as normal as drinking water every day.

    The lattice girder with the endless diagonal became the standard for girders worldwide and Filzmoser lattice girder machines are synonymous for flexibility and quality.

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A FILZMOSER lattice girder welding line from the 1970s

We discovered the machine in the eastern neighbourhood of Austria. After checking that all parts are still in place, we ...

Soldadoras usadas para armações treliçadas EVG

EVG Truss Girder LineSe estiver agindo no negócio das armações treliçadas, saberá da importância de elevadas velocidades de produção, ...

The Invisible

The lattice girder is a invisible product. Millions of Tons will be produced worldwide every year, but for the people ...

Whatever became of Kaiser-Omnia?

Kaiser-Omnia, a very important lattice girder system, acquired its name from the two companies Kaiser-Decken GmbH in Frankfurt/Main and Rheinbau GmbH in Wiesbaden, which developed practical building solutions during the 50 s- among others, a multitude of lattice girders and components under the trade names Kaiser and Omnia. Approximately 400 prefabricated concrete factories in Germany […]

Used lattice girder welding lines from GMS for a global market

  Brands: EVG, FILZMOSER, AWM, PROMELCO, VIDA. A top level machine is an EVG TSD 7-30.  This is a high performant truss girder welding line, which offers a production rate of up to 33 Meters/min of welded and cut in length truss girders. As the usual EVG TS truss girder machines operates in the range […]

Vida and Progress offer lattice girder machines

The market for lattice girders in the construction industry grows continously worldwide. The reason is that lattice girders are a basic 3D-reinforcement for concrete precast elements, like floors or walls. The growing demand of girders draws a need for girder production machines. Progress from Brixen in Italy, a machine manufacturer for reinforcing machines, has aquired […]